Valorant Bind map reimagined with a spooky night mode

Valorant Bind map now has a reimagined night mode, and while it might not be the best for an actual match, it’s undoubtedly an eerie sight to behold

Valorant agent Neon standing in front of fan remake of Bind map

Valorant’s Bind map is an iconic location in the popular FPS game, but a fan has reimagined the Morrocan area with a nighttime setting. While playing matches in the dark is arguably impractical, the mockup undeniably gives the shooter some distinctively horror game vibes.

A video shared by Valorant fan Atomk1 shows off Bind completely remade using Unreal Engine 5, but this time, at night. The Valorant fan also adds tons of small touches like animated trees, broken AC units, and hush water sounds to give the new nighttime look a more immersive and creepy feeling.

The darkness of Bind is illuminated by various lights attached to buildings and from above, but even that isn’t enough to brighten every nook and cranny. There are tons of corners players could hide in to avoid detection, which raises the question of whether a night mode would be viable at all.

Valorant Bind map with night setting

Bind is one of the biggest maps in Valorant, and with added darkness, it could become a game of peek-a-boo in its long hallways and secluded back sites. Over on Reddit, one user praises the map’s scary look: “Holy sh*t, this looks great! Something about it seems eerie. Very well made and a good job.”

Another says they’re worried about how matches would play out at night: “This is why night-themed maps can be pretty bad in-game since it’s so dark that you can just tuck yourself in the corner and be camouflaged.”

Valorant has no maps that take place at night, and despite Riot having teased the possibility of a nighttime map, no official plans are in the works. Although it could provide for some intriguing design concepts, there are likely too many factors hurting the competitive viability of such a map.

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