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Valorant’s Chamber is getting changed after insane VCT pick rate

French Sentinel Chamber has been one of the most popular Agents at the Valorant Champions Tour Masters competition, and Riot is finally changing him

valorant agent chamber looks at camera

Ever since he first stepped foot on Alpha Earth, French Sentinel Agent Chamber has dominated the Valorant meta. Boasting an insane 80% pick rate at VCT Masters Copenhagen, Riot is looking to make some much-needed changes to the dominant weaponsmith.

As the second leg of Riot Games’ Valorant Champions Tour edges towards a dramatic close, there’s one Agent that has been on everyone’s lips; Chamber.

Whether it’s because the pros have been styling on each other with the French Sentinel or you’ve met him on equally controversial map Pearl in your ranked games, you’ve no doubt wanted to flip your desk and punch the screen when you hear that taunting “you want to play? Let’s play.”

With an 80% pick rate at Masters Copenhagen (well above Raze in second place, who’s at 51.43%), and a slew of players constantly badgering Riot to nerf the sassy marksman, it seems like our prayers may finally have been answered: Chamber changes are coming.

As players took to Reddit to discuss the Chamber situation, Valorant game designer Penguin was quick to respond to concerns.

Writing “I won’t balance with a hammer right before [VCT] Champions (or hopefully at all),” they reveal “I’ll be shipping more balance changes in general over the coming months but these are a lot of the obvious changes that likely should have shipped alongside the trap change in 4.09.”

“Balance changes are very much still coming soonTM, I just didn’t want people to think I’m coming after characters’ kneecaps or anything,” they continue, quoting the original comment and joking “‘destroying Chamber’s career’ makes it sound like a mafia hit.”

With Champions set to run from September 2 to 18 in Istanbul, it looks like we’ll be waiting quite a while for some significant changes. With no way of banning the character, it looks like players will just need to learn to play into him for the time being.

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