Riot hotfixes Valorant’s hilarious Cypher camera gun bug

Sorry Cypher, Riot's put a stop to your shenangians

Earlier this week players getting stuck into the Valorant closed beta discovered an interesting quirk. Agent Cypher’s spy camera had a glitch that basically allowed you to transform it into a gun turret and mount it on any wall to take out unsuspecting opponents. While it’s a pretty funny bug, it’s obviously not how the camera’s supposed to work – and developer Riot’s now hotfixed it out of the game.

Players such as YouTuber Jonal Gaming have demonstrated the FPS game’s bug in action, explaining how it works in clips such as the one below. One of the tools at Cypher’s disposal is a throwable camera, which he can lob at a wall to keep an eye on the slice of the map in its view. The gadget also features a tracking dart, which it can fire at foes that pass by – but that’s in addition to a bug that meant it could ‘grasp’ any sidearm thrown at it.

Then, if the camera was ‘holding’ one of these weapons, it would fire that rather than the dart – and with infinite ammo, it seems, according to the video below.

While it’s an entertaining bug to see pop up, it’s not difficult to imagine the edge it would give Cypher players in a match.

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Riot has now posted a list of some hotfixes it’s deployed to the beta, which includes a slightly cryptic but key update: “Cypher’s camera made less lethal under certain… circumstances”. Hmm. In addition, it’s “patched a number of map exploits”. So, looks like the Cypher camera bug is gone for good.

If you’re diving into the beta for Riot’s shooter right now, be sure to take a look at our list of the best Valorant weapons to grab in-game. There’s no set Valorant release date to mark in our calendars just yet, but it’s due to drop sometime this summer, so it’s likely we’ll see some more quirks and hotfixes before the date arrives.