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New Valorant weapon skins bring the game a bit of Star Guardian magic

Shooting other players doesn’t have to be a serious business, these new Valorant weapon skins will make gunplay more fun than ever.

New Valorant weapon skins bring the game a bit of Star Guardian magic: One of the familiars coming to Valorant sleeps atop a gun.

There isn’t enough whimsy in the world. It feels like everything has become either weighty and full of its own import, or infused with a snarky sense of humor that means no-one can express an emotion honestly. Thankfully, Valorant of all games is here to show us the way back to whimsical adventures, by way of these new weapon skins that will bring a touch of magic to reloading and shooting.

The new Evori Dreamwings skinline looks to make using your weapon in Valorant a whole lot more fun. The multiplayer FPS game is already full of light, with a bright chunky art style applied to agents and weapons alike. Now, that’s being pushed even further, as the Dreamwings line of skins will give select weapons their own magical familiars. This means you’ll never be alone in Valorant again – each match will see you accompanied by a little weapon-based friend.

Four familiars will be touching down in Valorant, each with their own personalities and animations. You’ll be able to choose between Evori, the butterfly, Lunari, the cat, Solari, the mouse, Terrari, the rabbit, and Amari, the bear. Throughout each match they’ll be visible on top of your weapon in their small form, reacting to your actions and those of players around you. They can also pop out into their larger forms such as when you inspect your weapon, or by helping you reload. There are tons of new animations for these whimsical pals as well as special finishers which will transform the map’s sky when triggered.

Weapons you’ll be able to equip Evori Dreamwings skins on will be the Vandal, Spectre, Odin, Ghost, and a new melee archetype; the wand. By adding familiars and wands into the game, it feels like Valorant is inching closer to some of the Star Guardian skins seen in League of Legends. Though the two games have so far been entirely separate, this does feel like a thinning of the barrier between Riot’s two titans.

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The Evori Dreamwings skinline will launch for Valorant with Episode Nine, Act One, which will start on Wednesday June 26. As part of this new act, a battle pass will also arrive, with plenty of new items to earn on both the free and paid tracks.

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