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Valorant map nine ‘City of Flowers’ could introduce multiverse

A new Valorant map may be on the cards courtesy of Legion, who is plotting to start its own city dubbed 'City of Flowers' in a new multiverse in Riot's FPS game

Valorant map nine 'City of Flowers' could introduce multiverse: A man in an orange military beret stands with his arms folded and an angry expression

The ties between Valorant’s Alpha and Omega Earth weren’t always pleasant, but things are getting heated now. Omega Legion has gone off the radar in the FPS game, leading Viper to speculate that something suspicious is underway. The second-in-command suspects that a lost city is being activated, dubbed the ‘City of Flowers’ by Harbor, which will likely be Valorant map nine.

Riot’s FPS lore centred on mirrorverse was always fascinating, but the developer is now teasing a new multiverse concept. The latest Valorant patch 5.09 lore has revealed that Legion is now planning to activate its own city, which links back to Harbor’s home, India. Except, it’s in multiverse nexus, hinting at the presence of alternate dimensions.

“Brimstone, Astra, Killjoy, and I finished our analysis. We looked at it a dozen different ways and it always comes back the same. The City of Flowers on Omega is a multiverse nexus,” Harbor says.

The city’s mention was first made by Viper in an email, who found Omega’s lack of public sightings a bit alarming. Later, Harbor confirmed that this lost city exists in the Alpha nexus and that activation would result in a catastrophe due to the lack of an object to absorb the explosion. Harbor’s concern and a location board suggest that this supposed lost city is somewhere in South Western India.

Location board from Valorant

If the clues are accurate, Valorant map nine would be set in India and might have a nice change of scenery from Pearl’s gloomy weather. After all, it’s called the City of Flowers, so it would likely be spring-themed with blue skies. According to Harbor, no one can stop the Legion from pulling the trigger, which means a collapse is bound to happen. So, the next location might resemble Fracture’s part-destructed layout.

But these are all speculations, as Viper has clarified that first light makes it difficult to ‘guess the site’s interplay.’ It’d be exciting to see if Riot brings back the map gimmicks in the City of Flowers. Maybe thorny flowers or speed-boosting grass? The possibilities in the multiverse are endless.

Map nine will likely get released in Valorant episode 6 act 1, along with a new rotation cycle and more details about Valorant Premier mode that will help players get on the path to VCT.