Valorant won’t be letting you select maps, but it might be getting in-game replays

Riot has commented on the likelihood of Valorant getting a map selection, or map playlist, feature, and unfortunately, it’s unlikely. Due to concerns over the quality of the matchmaking, letting players select specific maps in the FPS game isn’t on the development agenda.

“Splitting up matchmaking into separate map pools would reduce the overall players in our matchmaking pool, which not only slows down matchmaking, but makes it more difficult for us to produce fair matches,” senior producer Ian Fielding said in an Ask Valorant post. “Given that, we currently don’t have plans to enable map-specific selection for matchmaking.”

However, while choosing your favourite maps is off the table, an in-game replay system is not. Nothing definitive as yet, but the team is “interested in exploring” a method of replaying an entire match, for training purposes or just to create online content. “Whether it’s to study previous matches for tactical advantages or to create spicy memes, we know that players will find a wide range of interesting uses for a system like this,” senior producer Steven Eldredge said.

Given Valorant only launched in June, following an extremely successful closed beta, it makes sense Riot is wary of anything that might temper matchmaking in any substantial way at the moment. In the weeks since launch, Riot has been pushing players to report toxicity, as new content continues to roll out, including new agents and skins.

Towards the of this post, it’s pointed out that between 20 and 150 players have earned the top rank of Radiant in each region so far. If you’re thinking of becoming one of the best of the best, you might find our guide to every Valorant character useful.

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