How to check how much money you’ve spent on Valorant

If you're wondering how much money you've spent on Valorant, whether it's on skins, bundles, or the battle pass, there is a method

How to check how much money you've spent in Valorant

Want to know how much money you’ve spent on Valorant? Riot Games has rolled out over 60 bundles in Valorant, which means about 300 weapon skins are always there to tempt players into emptying out their wallets.

It’s pretty tricky to manage the expenditure, and the unique design of the in-game store in the FPS game doesn’t help with saving either. So, it’s worth checking how much you have spent on all those Valorant skins to avoid going bankrupt over virtual items. Not sure how? Here’s what you need to know about how to check how much money you’ve spent on Valorant.

Valorant’s in-game store can only accommodate four skins at a time, creating a sort of artificial scarcity, persuading players to buy all rare skins whether they want them or not. Now, some Valorant skins cost an arm and a leg, so it’s not always a good idea to spend willy-nilly on items you weren’t planning to buy. But, such is the system. 

Spectrum is the most expensive Valorant bundle, coming at 10,700 VP, which is $112. This is the cost of just one collection, and Riot has released 60 more. Meaning some players in the game have spent more than $4000 on just buying virtual skin items that are not even tradeable. 

New weapon skins every act is a luxury few can afford, but Valorant battle passes sell in abundance. The majority of active players spend 1,000 VP every two months, which is $30 per Episode. Generally, players don’t indulge in calculations, but it’s better to monitor spending than regretting later. So, if you’re jumping on the skin-hoarding bandwagon, it’s worth keeping track of all your total expenditures. 

How to check Valorant purchase history

Riot Games keep account of every penny spent on an ID connected to your Valorant. Here’s how you can check the money spent:

  • Go to Valorant’s support page
  • Log in with the ID connected to your Valorant account
  • Select Purchase History out of the four options
  • Press the red ‘Get My Purchase History’ tab

Voila! You should see all your spending since the creation of the Valorant account.

The purchase history will include all the information, from money spent on the connected Valorant accounts to date, time, payment method, Valorant points bought, and total. This should help players build up a nice little nest egg to buy the skins they actually desire.

Valorant skins are pricey, but they’re worth the money. Check out what goes into making weapon skins, so you don’t feel bad about spending big bucks. Can’t afford extravagant cosmetics? The Valorant Night Market can help stack up your inventory with guns at a cut price.