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Valorant Neon art brings Duelist to life, literally

Valorant Neon art is everywhere these days, but one avid fan of Riot Games' flagship FPS has taken their creativity to the next level with augmented reality

Valorant Neon art in augmented reality: Woman with blue hair in bunches stands with her arm across her chest with electrical current sparking around her

Neon quickly became one of the most beloved Agents in Riot Games’ flagship FPS game Valorant back when she released in Episode 4 Act 1. The Filipina Duelist sports one of the most mobile kits in the entire shooter, letting her zip around the map at ease and electrify her opponents with her ultimate ability, Overdrive.

Nearly a year after she debuted in the FPS game, she’s built a loyal and dedicated fan base that is still developing the meta for her. One fan, in particular, was so inspired by Neon that they crafted a glowing portrait of the Duelist in her hometown of Manila. However, their rendition goes above and beyond just a plain old drawing as they actually created a moving image of the speedster.

Lucius Felimus is the artist behind the viral Neon drawing. In the moving illustration, Neon faces a cloudy, rainy Manila highlighted by its blinking neon (no pun intended) signs and massive buildings that poke towards the clouds. In front of Neon is a moving train that truly brings the city to life. Felimus explained in the comment section of their Reddit post that they utilized an app called Artivive to create AR art, which allows images to come to life via a smartphone.

The Valorant fan claimed that the augmented reality image took them between one and two months to complete. They were also able to nail every last detail of the city because they have lived in Manila all their lives and studied architecture, giving them a good grasp on illustrating buildings and signage. 

Their authentic approach to recreating the city of Manila and Neon’s design is something the games’ fans will appreciate for quite some time. There’s been plenty of fan art of Neon since her release, but none as impressive as this augmented reality art that truly stands above the rest.

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