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Riot rolls back Valorant’s patch 1.11, calls it a “technical nightmare”

The developer will try to redeploy the patch later this week when the timing suits

Valorant's Jett

Riot Games has rolled back Valorant‘s 1.11 patch only a few hours after it initially went live. A few oddities showed up online, but none weirder than one streamer’s screen being filled with what looks like Sage’s character model stretched out. It’s everything I fear in life and more. Other complaints included folk getting extra money when teammates went AFK, particular smokes not working correctly, and bullet tracer effects randomly popping up here and there.

Riot took to Twitter to inform people that the patch would return at some point this week. It had only rolled out in North America, Brazil, and Latin America, so not everyone had received it. The patch includes a new hero that tosses animals, a chilly new map, and the usual bout of balance changes.

“Real talk: 1.11 has been a technical nightmare,” Riot tweeted. “In 30 minutes, we’ll be rolling back the patch for North America, Brazil, and LATAM (one at a time). We’re also delaying all other regions until we get a fix. We know we’ve said this every patch, but thanks for sticking by.

“We’ll redeploy later in the week once we can figure out a less disruptive time for the Valorant First Strike Qualifiers (and have a solution, obviously). If you started the Skye character contract, you won’t be able to progress until we patch again.”

None of these bugs sounds particularly game-breaking but as the tweet alludes to, Riot does have a Valorant tournament going on. As such, it’s likely the developer doesn’t want any mishaps leading to an incident. Imagine reaching the final only to have your screen taken over by a spooky, stretched-out character model of Sage. No one wants that.

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