Valorant patch notes 5.08: Pearl changes, minimap fixes, and bugs

The Valorant patch notes 5.08 are here, and they break down all the FPS game's changes to maps, bug fixes, and the minimap that have arrived in Riot's game

Valorant patch notes 5.08: Pearl changes, minimap fixes, and bugs: a close up of Valorant agent 21 Harbour

The Valorant patch notes 5.08 are here, along with a new update from Riot Games today that introduces new Valorant agent Harbour to the League of Legends developer’s competitive FPS game. On top of the new agent, Valorant patch 5.08 marks the start of Episode 5 Act III, and provides a slew of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

We’ve already broken down everything about Valorant’s Harbour, including abilities and origins, so be sure to check out our article on the new agent for everything you need to know.

The biggest changes in the Valorant patch notes 5.08 come in the form of Act III changes, as there’s now a whole new battle pass in the multiplayer game, ranks have been reset, and the Ion skinline has returned.

Now, onto the bug fixes and changes. An issue where friendly versions of area-damage abilities would overwrite enemy abilities and force them to deal less damage has eben fixed, alongside a problem where Viper’s Toxic Screen would have small gaps at ground level in some map locations.

A few minimap bugs have been fixed as well, like how ally positions would sometimes stay on the edge of the minimap even when they are back in view, or how KAY/O’s suppression blade position would show up twice, and “recently seen enemy” icons should no longer update their position even if the enemy is no longer visible.

There’s only been one major map fix in the Valorant patch notes 5.08 though, and that’s how there was a sliver of a line of sight on Pearl, between A Main and A Link.

If you’re just getting stuck into Valorant again after the update, we’ve got all the Valorant battle pass Episode 5 Act 3 details you’ll need right here, alongside all the ongoing details of the Valorant night market as well. If you’re also interested in what streamer Shroud says about Harbour, we’ve got you there too.