Valorant finally lets you leave custom games

The next big Valorant patch sets the stage for competitive, but there are some big quality-of-life fixes before that

The next major patch for the Valorant beta is coming soon, and it’s making some big improvements to custom games – most notably, you can actually quit them now. The big addition here is actually competitive mode, but that’s coming a bit after the update actually launches – for now, there are a big variety of quality of life fixes to enjoy, as well as some balance changes.

Patch 0.49 lets you quit custom games. There’ll now be a leave match button in your escape menu that lets you get out without penalty. Quitting the client will still let you rejoin the match, as it previously did. Previously, you had to kill the client and wait several minutes before rejoining if you wanted out of a custom game.

Customs are also getting a “Ghost cheat” – in more common terms, a noclip mode for spectators – which should make it much easier to learn the maps and practice setups with certain characters. You can get more details on what to expect from the update on the official site.

Downtime for the update is scheduled for 2:30 BST on April 29 on European servers, and the patch will be up and live around 8:00 BST. For North America, expect downtime at 4:30 PDT / 7:30 EDT, and a live patch at 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT.

Ranked play will “go live in the near future”, when “everything is stable”.