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Valorant players need to behave to get a Riot Gun Buddy

Riot issues a PSA saying that Valorant players need to behave if they want to get a Fist Bump Riot Gun Buddy, and that asking for one diminishes their chances

Valorant devs explain how to get Riot fist bump gun buddy

For Valorant players on the lookout for the hottest cosmetics, there’s one particularly elusive trinket in the FPS game that many have their eyes on – and now Riot has detailed how to get a Fist Bump Riot Gun Buddy. Or, perhaps more accurately, how not to get one – with a post warning players that bothering Riot employees about the item is a surefire way to miss out on any opportunity to get one for yourself.

In a post entitled “How to get a Riot Gun Buddy,” the Riot team explains how employees decide which players to hand out the limited trinkets to. At a surface level, the advice is very simple – “demonstrate good sportsmanship while in a match with a Riot employee.” The post goes on to say that employees are on the lookout for players “being a positive and motivating part of their team.”

Importantly, the post also stresses that asking a Rioter for one of the Gun Buddies, or sending them a Twitter DM inquiring about them, will almost certainly lessen your chances of receiving one. It states that, “there’s a limit to the number of Fist Bumps each Rioter can give out,” so the team are fairly choosy about when and where they hand them over.

Several members of Riot chipped in, echoing the sentiments. Wild Rift’s Hans Christian Lueneborg says that some of the players he has given the Fist Bump to “truly made my day” with their positivity and that “while we did not win all the games, we had a damn good time playing.”

TFT product manager Travis Boese says, “I have had so many amazing moments – sometimes that leads to Gun Buddy and sometimes not. Be yourself. Be awesome. Don’t try to game it.”

Riot also emphasises that, while players should endeavour to be good sports in every one of their matches, the Riot Gun Buddy will only be awarded if one of the team sees you in action for themselves. So don’t go trying to submit your match history and claiming that your good behaviour merits a reward (other than the satisfaction of respecting your fellow players, of course).

Finally, the post stresses that Rioters will never offer to sell you a Fist Bump Gun Buddy, or present any form of giveaway or competition to win one, and that if you encounter any of these then they are simply scammers and should be reported to Riot.

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