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Valorant skin prices don’t match Riot’s “lazy designs”

Valorant skin enthusiasts are expressing discontent with the latest bundles that are either a dupe of some of the FPS' older designs or are simply too costly

A blond man wearing a blue fur lined cloak walks towards the camera with a sniper rifle by his side

Valorant skins were never cheap. Since Project: A, Riot Games has stuck with a specific price tag for each edition, and after initial upheaval, the community conceded. But players are once again calling out the FPS game‘s developer for asking too much for “lazy skin designs,” citing Soulstrife and the upcoming Abyssal bundle as examples.

Valorant has seven skin categories, but exclusive, ultra, and premium are the top most expensive lines. Prices for each class have remained the same since the game’s release, but players complain that the quality of bundles has dipped dramatically in recent acts. The developer has been concocting new designs with existing assets that are notable in all new bundles, according to the community.

Most Premium bundles cost 7,100 Valorant points, but previously, players would get five skins with multiple variants, VFX, as well as a spray, gun buddy, and card. However, in recent acts, many premium bundles came with fewer variants, no-kill banners, and lacked either a spray or a gun buddy. As a result, the varying content quantity for the same price tag is now wagging tongues.

Soulstrife, Abyssal, and Tigress are all reminiscent of the Reaver collection. They are not precisely a dupe, but the theme looks eerily similar to the existing bundles. However, the lazy designs come at the exact cost as the legendary Reaver skins, suggesting that Riot is silently hiking the price of good skins by scooting them into ultra and exclusive editions.

During Valorant’s first year, premium housed some of the best skins in the game. Simply put, players are concerned that the premium category is losing value. It’s the same edition that boarded the likes of Reaver, Ion, Magepunk, and more. But now, this category is crammed with green-screen, repetitive designs that urge players to consider exclusive and ultra bundles that are way out of the price range of the average Valorant fan.

Besides this, the community is generally upset with the skin market. Valorant’s in-game store has also been criticized for being small and vague. Players are begging Riot for pink guns instead of the same old designs. Who knows? The next bundle could be a pink paradise.

While we wait for those magenta miracles, though, you can check out the next Valorant Night Market to try and get some of these skins for a little less cash.