Valorant team play rewarded with holiday group XP boost

Finding Valorant team mates will give you a bonus match XP boost in the Riot Games multiplayer FPS game through December into the new year, rewarding duos and g

Valorant team XP boost - agents Killjoy, Sage, and Raze

It’s time to find that dream duo partner, as Valorant team play will give you a tasty bonus match XP boost in the multiplayer game through the rest of December. Riot Games is offering players a nice holiday gift for Christmas in the spirit of sharing by encouraging players to team up and emulate the efforts of Valorant Red Bull Home Ground 2022 champions 100 Thieves.

“We’re giving you a little extra boost,” Riot Games announces on Twitter, with the news that the Valorant Squad Boost event will give “up to 20% bonus match XP for games played in a group from December 14 to Jan 4.” Those dates are both at 4pm PT / 7pm ET, meaning that in other regions it’ll be December 15 – Jan 5 at 12am GMT / 1am CET / 11am AET.

Sadly, we had a look through the latest Valorant battle pass and it doesn’t appear to come with a free friend, so you’ll have to entice someone to play Valorant with you if you’re looking to nab that bonus XP. Failing that, you could always team up with another player in-game; it’s scary, we know, but perhaps you’ll make a new pal for life.

If you are queuing up with a buddy, there’s no better option than to represent the duo of Valorant characters Killjoy and Raze, after Riot’s official confirmation that the pair are the first official Valorant couple, bringing joy to shippers everywhere and adding a little bonus splash of visible LGBTQ representation along the way.

If that’s not enough smooching for you, be sure to check out the wonderful Valorant dating sim made by fans. Meanwhile, we’ve got the Valorant 5.12 patch notes for the game’s final major update in 2022, along with our rundown of the best Valorant guns and of course a Valorant tier list of the best agents to use right now.