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Valorant Twitch drops are the perfect VCT Lock In reward

You can earn some free commemorative Valorant Twitch drops by tuning into Riot's VCT Lock In on Twitch - here's everything you need to know.

The biggest international event in Valorant history is coming up: the VCT Lock In, the competitive FPS game’s world championship series. Riot Games has announced a Valorant Twitch drops campaign for the duration of Lock In, meaning you’ll be able to pick up some sweet in-game loot just for tuning into the action online.

The drops include two VCT Lock In items: the ‘Locked In’ title and the VCT Lock In ‘Dad Hat’ buddy. The title shows the stylised Valorant ‘V’ device on a notched red ribbon over the words Locked In, while the ‘Dad Hat’ buddy is a brown ball cap with finger-painted accents and an eight-pointed Valorant star device.

Valorant VCT Lock In Twitch drops: A brown hat with green, yellow, and orange smears of paint and a stylized eight-pointed Valorant star hanging on an army green band that attaches to an in-game weapon

Earning the drops is easy: you’ll need to log into your Valorant account and connect it to either a Twitch or YouTube account. Then it’s simply a matter of watching Valorant matches on channels that have drops enabled.

  • To earn the Locked In title, watch live games from February 13 – March 4.
  • To earn the VCT Lock In Dad Hat Buddy, watch a live game during the Grand Finals March 4.

These drops are free, but if you’re ready to spend some money, there’s a new VCT Lock In capsule that includes exclusive cards, a Raze spray, and a gorgeous Misericórdia knife that comes in four colours, each one representing one of Valorant esports’ regions.

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