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Valorant support for old Windows versions ends “for security reasons”

Riot Games will officially end support for Valorant on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 in March, citing security reasons as it aims to stop cheaters in the FPS game.

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Riot Games says it will officially end support for Valorant on older versions of Microsoft Windows in March, citing “security reasons.” The competitive FPS game, which uses Riot’s custom Vanguard security software, is having its support cut for Valorant on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 versions as Riot Games aims to clamp down further on cheaters.

In a post on its official Twitter account, Riot Games confirms that starting March 14, Valorant and Vanguard will end support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 for security reasons. Riot explains, “By switching support to the newer version of Windows, we can take advantage of the latest security features and patches – making it harder on cheaters.”

It’s always a little sad to see support fall off for older versions of Windows. With Microsoft having previously offered free upgrades to Windows 10, and that edition being released to the public in July 2015, it’s likely that the vast majority of active players are already running either that or Windows 11 (or alternative OS such as Linux). However, for those stuck on older systems, it’s one more thing that they’re losing access to.

The Riot Vanguard software has drawn some criticism as one of several anti-cheat measures that makes use of kernel-level access – a particularly high privilege level that gives it access to almost everything on your system. Riot maintains that this is required for modern day anti-cheat, because of the number of cheaters who are willing to run cheat programs that use a similarly high level of system access privileges.

Meanwhile, Valorant patch 6.03 sees nerfs for Killjoy and Raze, the hero shooter’s recent poster couple. Riot is also teasing new Valorant agents for 2023, with speculation rife that a new Valorant class might be on the way.

There’s still time to jump in for the current Valorant Night Market before it ends, so don’t miss out. Take a look at our Valorant tier list to see the strongest agents right now, and check in with the Valorant system requirements if this news has you seeking an upgrade to your own machine.