Valve expects players to improve the Steam Controller

Steam Controller final design

The Steam Controller releases to the public on November 10th, and there’s even some already spotted in the wild. The design is something Valve has been working on for years, going through various iterations on the road to the current incarnation. But while it’s ready to ship, Valve expects the controller to be improved when it’s in gamers’ hands.

“I don’t think this will be the last Steam Controller design ever. We’re just about to hit the point where customers get their hands on it which, to us in the software world, that’s where stuff starts to get really interesting,” said Valve’s Robin Walker in an interview with PC World.

While unsure of what director players could take the controller, he said he expects something ‘awesome’. “It would be the first time our customers didn’t improve one of our products if, for some reason, they couldn’t make the hardware better,” he said.

Without the limitations of ‘generations’ like in console land, Valve are free to refresh the design of the controller whenever they like. According to Engadget, the company isn’t overly fond of the left thumbstick, which they felt they had to include to help people transition from traditional controllers to the Steam method. Plus, they’d like to see the touchscreen from the prototype return. “Active screens on the controller—we think, probably long-term—will be something that’ll be interesting,” said designer Erik Johnson.

Have you had chance to use a Steam Controller yet? Will you pick one up? And what kind of improvements would you like to see made?

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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