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Valve grant Steam price-slashing powers to developers

Developers can cut prices by dramatic increments if they so wish.

Valve are uniquely open to suggestions when it comes to price cuts – numerous developer accounts over the years have testified to that. Flash sales are timed to coincide with major updates – sometimes offering indies a crucial second wind that’s allowed them to keep the lights on.

This is unprecedented, though: carte blanche for developers to run their own sales via the Steam store, whenever they like, at whatever price point they desire.

Valve gave their partners the go-ahead via the private Steamworks Development forums yesterday – though the system isn’t up and running on the store just yet.

When it is, developers will be able to put together their own custom sales from scratch. They’ll set a discount amount and date up to two months in advance, and be restricted only by a two-week maximum sale limit.

Developers less interested in micro-managing their sales will be able to opt into regular ‘weeklong deal’ promotions instead.

It’s another sign that Valve are doing exactly what they threatened to do – stepping back from a curated Steam and letting developers and users run things in their stead. Steam tags was another. Do you think it’ll work?

Thanks, Reddit and Gamasutra.

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