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Valve have okayed a Japanese arcade game named Left 4 Dead: Survivors

Project Z was the codename for Left 4 Dead: Survivors. In fact, it has been the codename for pretty much everything.

The greatest cooperative PC game ever made meets the only genre in which you can take a hand from your machine gun to high-five the shooter next to you. Coming to a cabinet near you (or a monster closet directly behind you), it’s the redundantly subtitled Left 4 Dead: Survivors.

The game is in development under lightgun specialists Teito, with the blessing of Valve. Here’s a trailer, which uses the game’s existence as an excuse to scare the willies out of some poor pedestrians. It also uses depth of field in a blotchy fashion we hope doesn’t make it to the game:

But how will Left 4 Dead: Survivors port the subtler machinations of the AI director to a big plastic box in the entrance of a bowling alley? Will the gruff-yet-delicate disposition of Francis translate to the coin-op arena? For provisional answers to those questions, we can only look to Teito’s similarly titled Half-Life 2: Survivor.

In some ways, astonishingly faithful to the Ravenholm experience. In others: well, yeah. I’m sure it would have made an excellent mod.

Let’s be terribly optimistic about this. What’s the radioactive core of Left 4 Dead, and how do you transport it safely to the arcades?

Thanks, PC Gamer.