Valve officially unveils its Steam Machines at CES 2014

Valve CES 2014

Gabe Newell, now looking beardier than ever before, lifted the curtain hiding the sleek, mostly black Steam Machines tonight at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. Thirteen, all ranging in shape and size to tiny ones you could almost fit in your pocket to larger, PC tower-style creations sat on pedestals. Manufacturers ranging from Alienware to Gigabyte were represented.

Gabe’s being cagey with proper details, saying that release dates will be up to manufacturers, and that the goal is diversity, with them all doing something a little different, like producing their own Steam controllers. “Each one represents a different take for the right solution for their customers in the living room.”

250 titles are running on Steam Machines at the moment, but the focus is on creating the tools to allow people to develop for the systems and support for multiple operating systems.

And, just when it looks like he has nothing more to say, Gabe doesn’t announce Half-Life 3.