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Valve name new goals for Dota 2 International prize pool; they’re shooting for $10m

The International 2014 prize pool has more than doubled its predecessor.

The crowdfunded prize pool for Dota 2’s annual International championships reached an unprecedented $6 million yesterday – more than doubling last year’s total and exhausting the stretch goals Valve had set for it.

So they’ve come up with some more. The Dota 2 dev team have introduced nine new stretch goals at intervals hundreds of thousands of dollars apart – and culminating in a final $10,000,000 target.

The new stretch goals encompass a model update and alternate voice pack for a hero of the community’s choosing – as well as new models for creeps once the enemy barracks has been destroyed in a match.

Elsewhere, Valve are promising new in-game challenges – ranging from daily compendium point handouts tied to specific heroes to a brand new quest system to track progression throughout the game.

Players have bolstered the International prize pool by buying copies of Valve’s digital betting book, the Dota 2 Compendium. $2.50 of every purchase is added to the pot.

The 2014 pool reached $6,000,000 yesterday, and has claimed another $136,000 since – so don’t bet against it reaching at least a handful of its new targets long before the International’s July finals.

Already-fulfilled stretch goals have guaranteed new environmental effects for the Dota 2 map, a 1v1 mid-lane-only matchmaking option and a new music pack – not just perks for Compendium buyers, but improvements to be added to the game as a whole.

Which begs a question: are Valve telling us they really won’t implement that new quest system they’ve conceived if their prize pool doesn’t reach $9,600,000? At this rate, we’re not going to have to find out.

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