Big Steam update makes managing your PC game downloads a breeze

It has never been easier to manage your Gaming PC storage, thanks to Valve’s new Steam update

Steam logo with mug and TV graphic on navy backdrop

It’s needless to say that Steam is the most popular gaming PC storefront on the market. Yet, while gaming fans and PC enthusiasts alike love the app, it does have some storage management quirks. Thankfully, Valve has just launched a new patch that completely overhauls the look and feel of the app’s storage and downloads page.

Valve’s latest update doesn’t look like much to the untrained eye, but it actually makes viewing and managing Steam storage much less of a chore. Prior to the upgrade, the downloads page was relatively barebones and left a lot to be desired. Now, you can manage your Steam library across multiple SSDs and hard drives while viewing a breakdown of installed games and content.

Steam’s swish new storage page isn’t the only shining star in this update. Valve has also enhanced its downloads page and addressed some of its most glaring issues. This includes displaying installation progress and an ability to reorder download queues by simply dragging and dropping. The download tab’s clean new aesthetic also comes with a change to the ‘view news’ button, which is now more fittingly known as ‘patch notes’.

It’s worth mentioning that beta Steam users have enjoyed the storefront’s refined settings for the past few months. However, now that the revamp has rolled out across the board, any and all users can reap the benefits of the reworked page. While Steam’s new storage management functions are undeniably the highlight of Valve’s latest overhaul, various other tweaks are also present and can be viewed on Steam’s website.

Steam client updated storage manager window with installed games

The update should install automatically, but you can also manually trigger it by selecting ‘Check for Steam Client Updates’ within the app’s main menu. It’s also worth noting that Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck handheld PC will probably bring about more Steam changes, so watch this space.