Valve’s VR presentation exposed

Valve's VR presentation

Oof, that sounds naughty, doesn’t it? Like Gabe Newell strolling down a street and flashing people in virtual reality. We know a little more about Valve’s VR hardware plans than we did last night, namely that Valve aren’t going to be competing with the Oculus Rift, or at least not yet, and they’ll continue to work with Oculus to develop VR hardware. 

There’s a lot of information to devour, but in this day and age who has the bloody time? Nobody, that’s who. Conveniently, someone who was actually at Steam Dev Days has put together a bunch of pictures showing off Valve’s presentation run by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey and Valve’s Michael Abrash. So you can devour it rapidly, like a starving hyena. 

Valve and Oculus have been collaborating, working on tracking, something that’s previously caused a spot of motion sickness. However, devs who got to experience the demo at Steam Dev Days reported that this was not an issue, thanks to trackers situated throughout the demo room.

It’s the belief of Valve that consumer-ready head mounted displays with20ms motion-to-last-photon latency; 3ms pixel persistence; 90Hz refresh; 110-degree FOV; 1K x 1K resolution per eye; high-quality, well-calibrated optics; and milimetre-accurate relotion translation, quarter-degree-accurate rotation tracking could be feasible by next year.

Notably, Valve doesn’t think that porting existing games to VR works, but assets and core engine tech could be reused.