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New Valheim rival brings vampires to its big Steam Next Fest demo

Blending the survival of Valheim with the vampires of V Rising and Castlevania, the demo for Vampire Dynasty is one to check out in SNF.

Vampire Dynasty Steam Next Fest demo: a pale-faced and long-haired man looks pensively into the camera, straight on

Between V Rising, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, Castlevania, and even The Sims and Skyrim, vampires are all over our videogames. With centuries of history, everyone has their own spin on the blood-sucking demigods, and Vampire Dynasty is coming for that crown. With a new demo at Steam Next Fest, this survival sandbox RPG is a mean rival to the likes of Valheim, and you’ve still got time to download the vertical slice and try it for yourself.

Cast as the survivor of a vampire attack, you’re suddenly catapulted to the top of the literal, and metaphorical, food chain in the land of Sangavia. You’ve got an open world to explore, a castle to build, and a cult – I mean perfectly normal following – to grow in Vampire Dynasty, letting you become the benevolent ruler or tyrant you’ve always dreamed of.

Your choices will even dictate the ending of the survival game’s story, so helping the people of this fictitious region of the Balkans or draining their precious blood is up to you – but it will have consequences. The people’s perception of you will change as well, but who cares about what the serfs think when you’re out on the hunt, right?

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It wouldn’t be a vampire videogame without some supernatural powers that put even Alucard to shame though, would it? You’ll have superhuman strength, heightened perception, increased speed, and the ability to see the world with more in-depth senses than any human ever could. You can also turn into a bat and fly around the open world, because how else are you getting around?

Vampire Dynasty even has co-op so you and some friends can build your castle together, or set out across Sangavia as a team to take out whatever threats might be waiting for you.

The Vampire Dynasty demo is a part of Steam Next Fest and it’s possible that it’ll be taken down on Monday June 17, so download it while you still can. The game is set for a Steam Early Access launch sometime in 2024, but you’ll find the demo here.

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