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Vampire Survivors gets a “new major mechanic” next month

Vampire Survivors' 0.3.1 patch notes contain a tease for what's next for the popular indie game, like a "major" new mechanic alongside a more in-depth roadmap

Vampire Survivors April update : a player takes down enemies while using one of the indie game's mechanics

While developer Poncle regularly updates Vampire Survivors with new weapons, characters, and stages, it looks like something a tad bigger is on the horizon. Poncle teases that the indie game is getting “a new major game mechanic” in April.

Part of the appeal of Vampire Survivors is how runs can chop and change as you go. Something gets introduced like a new weapon or hero when you unlock a new achievement in the Early Access game. More recently, the developer added a dairy factory level that tasks you with completing an objective rather than simply killing oodles of foes. It remains to be seen how this “new major game mechanic” will affect the game, though we’re sure it’ll be wild.

The developer also reveals that we’re getting a big ol’ blog post soon that’ll delve into the overall roadmap, game difficulty, power creep, and performance optimisation. The teases come from a more extensive blog post about Vampire Survivors’ 0.3.1 patch. The update came out over the weekend, adding a bonus stage, weapon evolution, and new character to the indie game. As always, you’ve got a bevy of bug fixes, too.

Check out the rather floral-looking bonus stage below:

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