Vampire Survivors DLC launches alongside a fresh new patch

Vampire Survivors DLC Legacy of the Moonspell has arrived, and so has patch 1.2.0, which adds a new "important" skin for Peppino, the completely normal tree

Vampire Survivors DLC patch 1.2.0: A warrior in red-trimmed white robes unleashes dark smoky spikes from the top and bottom of the screen, devastating a horde of pixelated monsters in a top-down view of Vampire Survivors' new snowy area in Mt Moonspell

The new Vampire Survivors DLC has arrived just in time for spending the holidays together with family, sitting around a warm fireplace, and massacring countless hordes of pixelated monsters in one of 2022’s most surprisingly addictive roguelike games. The DLC comes alongside Vampire Survivors patch 1.2.0, which updates the base game for the DLC and makes some minor tweaks and bugfixes. It also adds an “important” new skin for Pepino, the tree.

The DLC, Legacy of the Moonspell, was first announced just a couple weeks ago. There’s a new launch trailer available now that provides a more detailed look at what you’ll find in the big new map, Mt. Moonspell:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you’ve unlocked the Inlaid Library, you’ll find the new level available in the stage selection menu right away. From there, you can use the 17 new unlocks as a guide to find the rest of the new content in the DLC.

Legacy of the Moonspell is available at 10% off for $1.79 / £1.43 during its first week. Developer poncle says this was a price that “feels right” and “reflects the production value.”

“For the DLC I still had to fill some gaps by using asset packs, for example, so a low price, and frequent discounts, simply seem fair,” poncle writes. “We’ll charge more for new stuff when we’ll have something even better to offer, don’t worry and thank you once again!”

If you need help unlocking Peppino or any of the other Vampire Survivors secret characters, we’ve got you covered.