Vampire Survivors new character Queen Sigma last before 1.0

Vampire Survivors new character Queen Sigma headlines patch 0.11.100, called the All In One, and joins new weapons and and arcana in the last update before v1.0

Vampire Survivors 0.11.100 update - Queen Sigma, a lady in blue robes and a crown with long, curly hair

The next Vampire Survivors new character, the mighty Queen Sigma, headlines the last major content update for the roguelike game before the Vampire Survivors 1.0 launch. The new update, Vampire Survivors patch 0.11.100, also features new weapons, a new arcana, and a handful of new cheats – sorry, spells – for the survival game.

Vampire Survivors patch 0.11.100, titled ‘All-In-One,’ releases on August 18, and as always you can expect to find plenty of hidden things that aren’t listed in the patch notes. What we do know, however, is that the patch features new character Queen Sigma, who is the first addition to get her own fancy reveal trailer.

The video gives us a brief introduction to Queen Sigma, saying that “she’ll grace us with her presence, and rise to the challenge as the most powerful being in the world’s army.” We then get to see her in action, decimating enemies with flashes of light across the screen before she seemingly transforms into a galaxy of stars and evaporates everything in sight.

Also included in the update are two new weapons – the Victory Sword and its evolution Sole Solution, which could likely be the signature of Queen Sigma herself. In addition, there’s a new Arcana – Divine Bloodline – and an option to skip the Arcana draft. Finally among the listed additions are eight additional spells, which we are reassured definitely aren’t just cheats. Nevertheless, be sure to check out our Vampire Survivors cheats guide for the full list.

Developer Poncle says that patch 0.11.100 will be “the last major content update before Vampire Survivors 1.0 launch, but of course you should expect surprises until then and beyond.” The full patch notes can be found on the game’s Steam page.

Here’s the Queen Sigma reveal trailer in full:

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