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Vampire Survivors update 0.6.1 is the most insane patch yet

We're not joking, the patch notes for Vampire Survivors update 0.6.1 don't mention 3 new characters, new stage, merchant, permanent stats, and too many secrets

WHAT IS HAPPENING in Vampire Survivors update 0.6.1??

Vampire Survivors update 0.6.1 has dropped, adding a one to the end of the 0.6 patch notes revealed at the weekend – and that’s the least of this update’s surprises for the roguelike game, as it adds three new characters, a merchant, a new stage, and a ton of surprises. It’s the biggest, craziest patch yet.

Developer Poncle describes the unassuming update as “the weird one” in the Vampire Survivors 0.6.1 patch notes, but also claimed it would have “less content than usual”. Players shouldn’t have believed this for a second, as Poncle has often left things out, such as swarms of angry cats. Right on cue, update 0.6.1 (wait, what does the menu screen say?), is actually possibly the vampire game‘s most significant patch ever.

Head to the Moongolow stage, talk to the new merchant, buy all his wares, and be prepared for the trippiest experience in Vampire Survivors yet. There are three new characters – none of which are mentioned in the notes – two new freezing-focused Arcana power-ups called Jail of Crystal and Out of Bounds, and a new relic called the Yellow Sign.

We won’t go too far into spoilers, but the Yellow Sign unlocks further creepy accessories which can evolve the clock lancet, unlock a fun new character, or curse the player. Just getting the Yellow Sign at the end of the Moongolow experience is the craziest thing in Vampire Survivors so far, and it only gets worse. The fake error screen barely scratches the surface of the secrets in this update, and Poncle’s cryptic tweets don’t help matters. Dive in, but prepare yourself. Things get wild, and it doesn’t have “less content than usual”. It has more.

Perhaps even worse, Poncle suggests that 0.6 is only a prelude to “the future patch 0.7”, so things might get even more nuts around him. Best check out our guide to Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions and how to unlock secret characters if you’re struggling with the new update.

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