Next Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0 adds new relic mechanic

Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0 is set to arrive on July 7, and features the final relic planned in the roguelike game’s roadmap, introducing a new game mechanic

Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0 release date and new relic

Developer Poncle has outlined its initial patch notes for Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0, which is currently scheduled to release on July 7. The next update will include a new version of the vampire game’s fifth stage and the final relic that was planned in the game’s initial roadmap, which introduces a new gameplay mechanic.

In its initial roadmap for the roguelike game, Poncle said it had five relics in mind – these are pickups that, once collected, add a permanent new feature to all future runs. The first of these is the Milky Way Map, which activates the game’s map in the pause menu once collected. There have actually been more than five relics added already, but this next one is the final one that was part of Poncle’s original plan for the game, and is said to add a new gameplay mechanic – which should help freshen things up if you’re running out of ways to spice up your best Vampire Survivors builds.

The update also teases a “new version of stage five,” which says it will revert to the previous version once successfully completed, and will also add one new arcana (of the remaining six planned in the roadmap). Furthermore, another minor relic is being added that will function as a compendium of sorts, offering players a way to view enemy data from the main menu.

In addition, a new tweak for 0.8.0 allows players the option to automatically always pick either the coin bag or the floor chicken when leveling up after all equipment has been upgraded to full. Visual reminders are also being added for banished items, and there’s an option to filter out obtained unlocks from the list to more easily see which ones you still need to get.

Patch 0.7.3, which added a furniture-tossing gentleman and a tree, completed the game’s planned roster of 24 playable characters. However, in the press release for 0.7.3 Luca from Poncle was quoted as saying, “Who am I kidding, there’s no way I’m not adding a few more before version 1.0” – so perhaps we’re not quite done there either.

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