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Vampyr details emerge ahead of Playstation Experience, Life is Strange 2 it is not


Naturally your first move after having made the emotional adventure tale of Max in Life is Strange is an action RPG with fast combat about vampires in 1918 dealing with Spanish Flu on the streets of London. It’s the most logical evolution of everything Life is Strange was about and how it played, I don’t know why more people didn’t predict it. Vampyr’s been announced for a little while of course, and made a bit more sense as a follow on to DONTNOD’s other game, amnesiac action game Remember Me.

Life is Strange made it into our round up of the best game of 2015.

A post on the Playstation blog – the hottest news source for PC games around, I’ll have you know – brings all new artwork and tidbits about how the game will play and what it will be about. You play a doctor, Jonathan Reid, returned from World War 1 and a total skeptic, at least before he was turned into a supernatural member of the undead. Game director Philippe Moreau introduces him thusly:

“A rational man, Reid wants to come to terms with vampirism – he wants to understand it. Basically, he wants to treat it as a medical condition, but as you play through the story and meet many of the characters in the game, you’ll discover that things are much more… organised, or deliberate, than that.”

They’re pushing the player choice angle, and it sounds like you’ll have as far-reaching and immediate consequences to deal with as you did in Life is Strange, only wrapped up in a historial London setting and nightmare vampire scenario. How, where and most importantly who you feed on will play a vital role in determining the story.

As a big Life is Strange fan (no spoilers, that fifth episode has been calling unsuccessfully for a long time) I can’t wait to see more. I’d hope for some footage and info on exactly how it plays out of the two big events this week – The Game Awards and Playstation Experience. We’ll keep an eye out.