World War One FPS Verdun celebrates Christmas with snowball-throwing truce


War. What is it good for? Football and snowball fights on Christmas day, if the first World War is anything to go by. For their end of year celebratory event, M2H and Blackmill have renacted the legendary unofficial ceasefires of 1914’s western front in the form of a new winter-themed map, minigames and, er, postcard sending in Verdun, their WW1 shooter.

Instead of a truce, shoot loads of people in one of the best FPS games.

I think my favourite part is how grumpy all the models look to have to be friends with oneanother. They were put here to fight, to kill, to defeat the evil forces of The Bad Guys, notmake merry.

Grr, Hans does not appreciate your gentlemanly handshake.

I think this is pretty cool. Something a bit different that’s not only historically relevant (I’m more surprised with each passing day that it actually happened and then the war just continued) but entertaining. Not so sure on the postcard sending theme, I don’t know if many postal services suddenly sprang up in the middle of the battlefield. Hopefully snowball throwing and football kicking operate similarly enough to shooting guns that it all works within the game’s systems.

Like every other game under the sun, Verdun is currently on sale on Steam. 40% off means it’s yours for £10.19 / €12.90 / $13.79.