Vermintide 2’s Season 2 will begin this week with a beta test

After a delay, Fatshark is getting ready to launch Season 2 in January and its wants your help

The first season of Vermintide 2’s Winds of Magic wrapped up more than a month ago, and season two has yet to begin. While Fatshark had originally planned on launching Season 2 this month, the studio has spent time working on some more foundational issues in Vermintide 2. Now, it’s ready to invite players into a limited beta of what’s in store for the next season, which will begin this week and run into next month.

Season 2 will include three free maps – reworks of levels from the Drachenfels DLC for the original Vermintide: End Times. The beta, which begins December 16, will include the first of these, as well as revisions to the Weaves game mode for players who own the Winds of Magic DLC and Lohner’s Emporium – a store where you can buy cosmetics using in-game soft currency earned from daily and weekly challenges. That will be available as “a limited experience” during the beta.

The first reworked Drachenfels map is called Old Haunts, and it starts off a new mini-storyline in which our plucky heroes head back to Castle Drachenfels to investigate a new entity that’s taken an interest in the site.

The beta begins December 16 and runs through an unspecified date in January, at which point the season will go live for Vermintide 2’s main branch. The beta itself, Fatshark says, is ready thanks to player feedback during an experimental branch that went live in patch 2.0.15.

“Thank you for testing that out and giving us all your feedback,” the developers write in a ‘Letter to the Community‘ posted December 9. “Is it perfect? It’s not, but thanks to all your reports and commentary, we’re working towards it and hope that with your input, we can give you an experience you can rely on, and have a blast bashing the bad guys to bits.”

While Vermintide 2 has rolled out a beta version of its 4v4 ‘Versus’ mode, at its core it’s still a cooperative game that’s on our list of the best co-op games for PC.

Fatshark will have information on how to join the beta when it goes live this week.