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Versus Evil hits 2019 with Slavic RPGs, schoolyard battles, and a mysterious hitchhiker

A host of cool new indies are on the way

Indie publisher Versus Evil has run down its 2019 lineup, and there’s a slew of rad-looking titles in the mix – like Yaga, Cardpocalypse, and Hitchhiker, which all bring wildly different stories and types of gameplay. We’ve got everything from action RPGs to amnesiac mysteries here, and the publisher also has also picked up the rights to Faeria and started an indie fund that’ll keep new releases on the way for years to come.

Yaga is an action RPG based on Slavic folklore, where you control a blacksmith cursed with bad luck. Your decisions throughout the game will affect your reputation, changing the usual bits like your interactions with NPCs and your purchasing options, as well as bringing new sets of curses and blessings on you.

In Cardpocalypse, you’re a school kid obsessed with a card game called Mega Mutant Power Pets which has just been banned at school. Naturally, that won’t stop kids from playing it, especially after the monsters from the game start showing up in real life. You’ll collect cards and engage in TCG battles with classmates as you try to figure out what’s going on.

Then there’s Hitchhiker, where you’re an amnesiac travelling down a lonely highway, with only a handful of clues about your past. In a series of what are described as “philosophical road trips,” you’ll be trying to figure out the mysteries for yourself.

You can check out details on the lineup via the trailer above.

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Versus Evil is also starting an indie game development fund for the years to come, which founder Steve Escalante says “will allow us to continue to invest in more games for 2020, 2021 and beyond.”