Victor Vran gets a second outing, with the upcoming Fractured Worlds expansion

Victor Vran Fractured Worlds

Acting as a challenging new adventure for veteran demon hunters, Haemimont Games have recently announced the Fractured Worlds expansion for their action RPG, Victor Vran. This campaign will form part of the upcoming Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, providing tons of new content for both apprentice and master demon slayers to enjoy.

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This expansion has Victor travelling to a realm where several worlds have collided together to form a patchwork plane of existence. From here, players can explore four dungeons that change on a daily basis, while trying to piece together a magic astrolabe which can alter Victor’s fate.

Fractured Worlds increases the level cap from 50 to 60 and adds special magic items called Talismans, which can alter both Victor’s appearance and his combat effectiveness. You can find and create Talismans that can cast deadly spells, so be on the lookout for these mystical pendants.

Alongside the daily dungeons, this expansion adds the Fracture, a randomly generated endless dungeon which constantly offers new challenges for brave adventurers. With co-op being available for up to four players online, make sure to party up with friends when delving into the Fracture.

“Fractured Worlds offers endless new adventures and challenges for Victor Vran,” said Bisser Dyankov, lead producer for Fractured Worlds. “By greatly expanding the end game experience, we believe that many existing hunters will find it immensely satisfying as it gives the game that new aspect they’ve been waiting for.”

Occult hunters won’t have to wait too long to head to these fractured worlds, as both the expansion and Victor Vran: Overkill Edition are set to release on Steam this spring.

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