Victor Vran is looking to be the Pumpkin King this Halloween

Victor Vran Halloween

Victor Vran is a pretty gothic-looking RPG, but if that’s not creepy enough for you then you’ll be happy to discover that this Halloween the game is getting a special, terrifying new bonus level. The Secret Pumpkin Level will see Victor go head-to-squash with pumpkinhead monsters that need eradicating from the land.

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Take a look at the trailer to see how it all works. You’ll need slices of Pumpkin Pie to get started, but thankfully the game will provide you with those. Then its up against the pumpkin hordes to teach them what’s boss, and face their master: The PumpKing. Claiming victory against him will grant you a gift box containing rare Demon Souls currency or legendary weapons.

To encourage you into the Secret Pumpkin Level, Victor Vran is on sale on Steam.

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