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Victor Vran’s latest update adds Hardcore mode


Following on from releasing a surreal Motörhead-themed expansion, Haemimont Games have just released a new update for their ARPG Victor Vran. 

As well as introducing a new Casual difficulty option, which lets you switch back and forth between that and Normal mode at will, Victor Vran also has a new Hardcore option for characters.

If you’re rolling a Hardcore character it’s a bit like playing a roguelike, except it’s not all over when you die – you just lose all your stash and the game reverts back to Normal mode.

No doubt players will be competing to be the first to finish the new mode without dying. I’m actually washing my hair, otherwise I would. Yeah I’m washing my hair while typing out videogame news. I keep my hair and keyboard clean at the same time – efficiency.


As well as the introduction of the two new modes, there are also a bunch of fixes and balance tweaks. You can check them all out below:

  • Hammer Pound attack now inflicts collateral area damage.
  • Increased the area of hammer Smash attack to match the visual effect.
  • Disabled camera movement during hammer Smash attacks to make targeting easier.
  • Added prediction and improved targeting of hammer Smash attacks.
  • Pull projectiles now ignore Dazed enemies and pass through them on their look-about for a viable target.
  • World Map and local Map now show the number of active Treasure Hunts/Bounties.
  • Added option to disable camera shake.
  • Added `Menu` option in the Chat interface; Select someone in the Chat then click on `Menu` to quickly send him/her a friend request or game invitation.
  • Whispers are now marked more clearly in the Chat.
  • You can reply to the last received whisper with /r or /reply.
  • You can invite users to your game with /i or /invite.
  • Steam Virtual Keyboard is available in Steam Big Picture Mode for `redeem key` and `chat`.
  • The inventory sorting is now faster.
  • Fixed several connectivity issues and breaking of camera in MP games.
  • Fixed reopening of chat interface on map change when chat is turned off.
  • Fixed wrong colorization of Outfits in the UI when only Legendary Dye has been applied.
  • Fixed rare issue which can cause item deletion during Transmutation.
  • It is now possible to send chat whispers to users with space symbol in their names.
  • You can now share more Treasure Keys in the chat without getting banned.
  • Fixed constant respawning of Apocalypse in MP games.