This is what the Victoria 3 maps looks like right now

It's still very WIP, but fans have managed to compile an image that gives an overview of the campaign map

grand strategy game Victoria 3's world map

We’re still riding the high from Victoria 3’s announcement last Friday, and eagle-eyed fans are trying to squeeze every last ounce of information they can from the materials that have been put online so far.

One especially driven Redditor – BrammekeTV – has managed to compile all of the released images for the campaign map to give a rough idea of what it looks like. It’s missing some areas – for example Australia, Japan, and the eastern edge of Russia haven’t been shown anywhere yet, but you can see the majority of the world map via the political lens.

It’s worth noting that it’s very much a work in progress, and similar versions of the map can also be seen in the ‘Art of Victoria’ document that was released during PDXCon Remixed. The screens are at an angle, but you can see two zoomed-out shots of the campaign map, as well as a more focused look at South America, all using the ‘political’ lens – so devoid of terrain like we’ve seen in other official screenshots.

Here’s the reddit thread with the compiled image:

For our part, we think it’s currently prettier than Hearts of Iron IV’s hybrid political/terrain map, but not as good as Crusader Kings III’s political map, which had more striking colours. Again, this is all very work in progress, so we imagine it will improve over time.

We also wouldn’t read too much into what country tags are labelled and where they are located right now – we imagine not everything has been made 100% accurate for the 1836 start yet. We’ve not been able to confirm this, but commentators on the map seem to think that areas that are coloured in solid shades belong to playable nations, while the opaque areas belong to polities that aren’t playable.

In our interview with the developers, they did confirm that at launch not every political entity that exists in the game will be playable, although you’ll still have over 100 to choose from. The devs do want to work on the ‘decentralised’ states eventually, perhaps via updates or even DLC, to make them playable as well.

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The Victoria 3 release date isn’t known yet, but we’ll keep an eye out in the meantime for anything else we can learn.