Video with a Vampire: Watch humans and vampires not get along in Nosgoth

Nosgoth closed beta trailer

Every time I hear about Nosgoth, the hole in my chest that was once filled by Legacy of Kain gets larger. It’s not the game we dreamed of, but team-based PvP can be a hoot, so it might still be worth making room for. Nosgoth is going to be entering closed beta soon (and you can register for a chance to play now), and to celebrate, Square Enix and Psyonix have put together a trailer filled with throats being ripped out and head-exploding arrows. Oh my.

Nosgoth will pit humans and vampires against each other in co-operative PvP, because those two groups have never learned to love each other, even during Christmas. The warm-blooded humans will have an arsenal of ranged weapons and devices with which they can attempt to dispatch their undead foes, while the vampires rely on their preternatural abilities and melee combat.

Each faction will get their own unique classes, and experience gained in battle can be spent on upgrades and customisation. Will you be able to make a foppish Lestat? Probably not, but we can dream.