Vigil not yet sold; putting future of Darksiders in doubt


Conspicuously absent from the list of sold studios from the recent THQ auction was Vigil, developer of the Darksiders games.

THQ are currently searching for a buyer of Vigil.

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In the letter published earlier this evening THQ listed the assets they had owned, the development studios working on projects to be published by them, that had been sold to other publishers. While most of the publisher’s roster had found a new home a noticeable absentee was Vigil.

In the letter from publisher heads Brian Farrell and Jason Rubin wrote”Some assets, including our publishing businesses and Vigil, along with some other intellectual properties are not included in the sale agreements.They will remain part of the Chapter 11 case. We will make every effort to find appropriate buyers, if possible.”

So, currently Vigil’s future is uncertain. If they are not sold the company may gain independence but their licenses and properties (the Darksiders franchise and other secret projects) would likely become caught up in litigation limbo with no clear owner. It would not be a happy result for the developer.

That would be an exceptional shame.