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Free games: Win a Steam key for new hardcore neo-noir tactics game Vigilantes!

Win a Steam key for Vigilantes - a new turn-based tactics game set in a modern, crime-filled, noir city


Do you like Shadowrun? How about X-Com or Jagged Alliance? The answer is yes, isn’t it? Of course it is. That’s why you’ll want to win a Steam key for Vigilantes – it’s quite a bit like all three of those games. Yes, it has turn-based tactics. Yes, it has a crime-riddled city. It even has base building, crafting, and character upgrades. That’s your cue to say ‘Phwoar!’.

It’s set in the city of Reiker, a ‘gritty’, neo-noir cesspool of crime and surveillance. Lovely place. You’re hanging out there as you to take down the criminal organisations that are tearing the dark metropolis apart. How do you do that? By fighting them. Dangerous, sure, but necessary to wash the scum down the gutter.

Combat is done with a party and comes with a range of lethal and non-lethal attack options. You also have to consider where you’re situated on the battlefield – hiding behind cover helps, or you might want to use a weapon that has a good spread. Upgrading your character and your base offers perks, too, so figuring out your combat style as you go is beneficial.

Outside of combat – or, rather, before it – you get the chance to gather intel on your targets. This will involves grabbing hoodlums off the street and interrogating them with a truth serum so you can find out who the gang leader is and make a beeline for them.

Another part of what makes Vigilantes distinct is the fact that enemies can flee from combat and will if they don’t see any good prospects ahead of them. But they won’t be gone forever as there’s an adversary system, so they’ll return to get revenge, and probably be stronger being driven as they are by their new motivation.

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