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V.Next is an episodic stealth adventure that will release weekly


Episodic gaming seems to have finally taken off, thanks mostly to Telltale and their ability to actually stick to a semi-regular schedule. But indie developer SyncBuildRun want to beat Telltale at their own game. Their current project V.Next is a 2D adventure game released in 18 chapters, and the goal is to release a chapter every week. It’s on Kickstarter looking for funding right now.

Set in a dark futuristic Seattle, V.Next will tell the story of hacker Vivienne Denue. Her memories have been stolen as a punishment for past crimes, and so she must relearn her hacking skills before foiling a conspiracy that involves powerful executives, scheming AIs, and cyborg gangs.

The retro-styled 2D game includes stealth and hacking puzzles. Each chapter will last between 30-60 minutes, and with 18 episodes the overall effect will be that of a TV show season. The writers of the game have worked on television and film, and will be creating multiple episode plot arcs with a wide cast of characters.

“Our first priority is creating great episodic entertainment, with with frequent releases of narrative-driven content that will engage and excite our players. Just as important as that, we want to embrace a progressive and inclusive attitude, and tell stories that feature leading characters who are often overlooked by popular media,” says Paul Furio, the studio’s founder and CEO.

V.Next has been Greenlit on Steam, and is now on Kickstarter looking for it’s required budget of $120,000. If a television season of interactive gaming is exactly what you’re after, why not head across and drop a few dollars?