Volume’s new trailer reveals Rob Locksley’s enemies and Andy Serkis

Volume enemy trailer

A Volume trailer has snuck out, showing off some of the virtual enemies awaiting Rob Locksley in Mike Bithell’s Robin Hood-inspired stealth game.

Take a gander at the video below, so you don’t get caught out by these digital watchdogs’ special abilities. 

The trailer reveals the pawn, a gun-toting guard; the knight, a broadsword-wielding giant; turrets, stationary guns that can track Rob; and finally hounds, digital doggies that, when noticing Rob, alter other enemies.

Danny Wallace and Andy Serkis’ characters also appear, or at least their voices. Wallace lends his voice to Rob’s AI buddy, Alan, inspired by Robin Hood minstrel chum, Alan Dale; and Serkis is voicing shady CEO Guy Gisborne, this modern retelling’s Sir Guy of Gisborne, a rival of Robin’s.

Volume is due out on PC later this year.