Win a Steam code for madcap space-shooter tycoon game Vostok Inc.!

Vostok Inc management

As we said after our time spent playing Vostok Inc., it is, unusually, a “twin-stick shooter about capitalism.” That may sound a little bizarre, and you’d be right, and the game really leans into that, going wild with brash marketing spiel, mid-management challenges, and bullet-hell sections.

In it, you play as Vostok’s CEO and, as such, your job is to make as much money for your company as possible. You do this by shooting ships and asteroids, blowing them up and collecting the resources to generate dosh. Once you’ve got started, you can then start to mine, terraform, and colonise planets, which really starts raking in the dough for you.

You do all this while an advisor speaks to you over an ’80s-style cellphone – a relic from the era of the cunning businessman’s heyday. He’ll encourage you to be ruthless in your methods, and also to spend some of that money you earn on upgrades to your ship, weapons, and new businesses. You will become a space tycoon and everyone will hate you for it.

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Vostok Inc.