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VR2D2: Death Star trench run adapted for Oculus Rift

The trench: 50 shades of grey.

It’s a match made in ObviousLand. Since steadfastly refusing to play Flight Simulator in the proper manner throughout the ‘90s, PC gamers have insisted on flying a bit too close to static objects in search of thrills and, inevitably, balls of flame. Star Wars’ Death Star trench run scene is the optimal cinematic equivalent, and it’s happily been recreated for the Oculus Rift.

Look! There’s R2D2, dutifully bleeping at the back:

It’s an early build, hence the minimal pew-pew. But the fundamentals are there, and we’ve the promise of Eve Valkyrie for all-purpose dogfighting.

On a side note: you would’ve thought this was shoo-in for inclusion in Kinect: Star Wars, right? Long before the Death Star was incorporated as a venue for space smuggler dance-offs, I mean. I imagine you would’ve thought of anything before this:

Thanks, RPS.