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Vrooming noises in new Grid game confirmed in teaser trailer

New Grid game

Vroooom. Vroooom. What’s that sound? Could it be a car!? No, sorry, it’s just a brief teaser trailer Codemasters’ just released for Grid, very possibly Grid 3. 

Presumably racing will be involved. If all the engine noises weren’t a give away, the “racing is coming” tagline certainly is. 

Well those were definitely lights and sounds.

The date, April 22nd is no doubt when the proper announcement will be made. Codemasters will pull back the curtain, yell “ta-da!” and we’ll realise we’ve been tricked. It’s a horse racing sim!

Given this post on NeoGAF, however, horses are unlikely. Unless horses have cockpits… I don’t know anything about our equine chums.