Walking Dead FPS on the way from Terminal Reality


Some TV shows are too big for just one really quite good Adventure game series by Tell Tale. They need one of those, and then they grab themselves an FPS while they’re at it. So it is that Walking Dead is going to get a game where you shoot zombies in the head with guns, and crossbows. Details? I’ve got details.

Set before the start of the first season of the TV show, it follows Merle and Daryl Dixon as they survive the first onslaught of the shambling corpses that a good majority of the world has become. So far all we’ve really got is the announcement, and then a trailer that uses the word ‘before’ a lot and shows many grasping hands.
The problem is it’s difficult to get excited about anotherzombie FPS. We’ve had Left for Dead, we’ve had Dead Island, and to throw another in the mix, especially coming from a show that focuses so much on the people, and so respectively little on the actual killing of the zombies. It’s one of the reasons why the Walking Dead adventure games work so well, and a reason why this makes me feel less than enthused.
It’s being developed by Terminal Reality, who most recently did Kinect Star Wars, but also the actually not too bad Ghostbusters game. So really it could go either way. And either way, we won’t find out until next year, when the game is released.

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