Want to play GTA V on PC? Expect to wait.


The above image is a passionately doctored version of one of those human-sized cardboard adverts you find in brick-and-mortar retailers. This one was spotted in US games-haven Gamestop, and confirms beyond the silhouette of a shadow of a doubt that GTA V’s PC version isn’t what you might call a priority at Rockstar right now.

It’s been three months sincethis last happened. But that was then, in 2012, when there was some hope of a reprieve along the way to the distant release window of ‘Spring 2013’. Now Spring is disconcertingly close – the season begins March 20th, apparently – and a missing Windows logo on a poster is tantamount to a smack around the chops.

GTA V isn’t coming to the PC in the Spring, then. In fact, we’re more likely to be waiting six months to a year for a fully-fledged port, if history is anything to go by. Traditionally GTA has been better on PC, thankfully; its last iteration arrived flush with bugs, but has since come into its own thanks to some spectacular modding efforts:

Pre-orders for GTA Vare open on consoles, of course. I suppose the question is: how long are you willing towait?