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Game developers team with war children’s charity on armistice fundraiser

World of Tanks and War Child

The people behind some of your favourite games have partnered with War Child, a charity that supports children affected by conflict, to support their inaugural armistice fundraiser.

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In recognition of War Child’s campaign, which runs from November 7 to 14, the makers of World of Tanks, Verdun 1914, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday have all developed peaceful gameplay options, DLC or else are donating a portion of their sales during the period.


  • The makers of Democracy 3 and Revolution: Black Friday have agreed to donate the net income of their sales to War Child for a period. Democracy 3 will do this from 21 November to 2 December, while Revolution will do this from 28 November to 2 December.
  • Verdun 1914will sell a Christmas Truce DLC on Steam from December 16 to 31, which will include football matches, snowball fights and the exchange of Christmas cards.
  • From November 7 to 14, World of Tanks will sell packs of three or ten peace emblems for you to wear as you blow up your opponents. Ironic as that may seem, you can wage war while knowing your wallet has fought for peace, as all net proceedings will go directly to War Child. You can keep the emblems permanently, and they will cost €1,99 for a pack of threeor€4,99 for a pack of ten.

The World of Tanks War Child package

War Child is the only specialist charity for children in conflict. Their programmes include reintegrating child soldiers in the Central African Republic, supporting Syrian children to access education, and working in juvenile justice in Afghanistan. They focus on the children first and put them at the centre of their work, listening to their concerns and striving to understand and deliver their needs. War Child helps some of the world’s most vulnerable children recover from trauma, get an education or a job, and build livelihoods in the longer-term.

If you play one of these games, know that these microtransactions aren’t here to milk your wallet, but will go to a genuinely good cause. If you’ve yet to purchase Democracy 3 or Revolution, take another look during the above dates. If you’ve no interest at all, War Child are hoping that this will become the start of an annual event, recognised by more and bigger gaming studios.

You can learn more about their work online, on Facebook, on Twitter or on Instagram.