War no more: Warhammer Online waves the white flag, refunds subscribers

Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has drawn its last breath. It’s dropped its massive sword on the ground, put the dragons back in the stables, and told the orcs to sod off home. The MMO is going away forever, and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

Presumably this is where we get a bit of peace for a few thousand years, and then the war sparks back up again in the 41st millenium when we’re all space bastards with axes to grind. 

We did know this was coming. Developer Mythic told us to expect it back in November. The shutdown comes due to the licence agreement with Warhammer lords Games Workshop expiring, rather than Age of Reckoning failing to muster continued player support. Indeed whilst Warhammer Online was pretty small compared to the MMO behemoths, it still had its fair and loyal following.

Importantly, if you pushed any real-world money into Warhammer Online, you could be entitled to a refund. Unused game time, subscriptions, and item game codes that went unused could all be refunded back to you in gold that your local country will accept. Mythic have put together an FAQ about it all, so go take a read if you think you can claim. It’s probably no win, no fee.

And with that, let us pay our last respects to Age of Reckoning. The only details I could find on Warhammer funerals is that Necromancers are not permitted at the ceremonies, so if you are a practitioner of black magic, would you kindly exit using the doors behind you. Cheers.

Thanks, Destructoid.