War Thunder CGI trailer brings less noise, more harmony


CGI trailers, eh? Some love them, some hate them. Regardless of your stance, you’d think that Dead Island one would have taught everyone a lesson. Meaningful look at loss in the face of disaster? Like heck it was. War Thunder seems to have missed that lesson though, since it’s new CGI trailer offers something less noisy than its name would suggest.

Beautiful music layered over slow-motion shots of army men looking frightened, determined, or wounded. Commanders shouting in the face of adversity. It could almost be a study of the tragic face of combat. But we’re talking about a game called War Thunder here, so let’s not get carried away. Clearly this trailer isn’t quite on the nail, but let’s just appreciate that it’s quite well made, if nothing else.

Should the trailer not have informed you, War Thunder is a MMO flight simulator that spans between World War II and the Korean War. For all the tanks and battleships in the trailer, you’ll only be bombing them, not commanding. It’s due for release Novemer 29th.